Are you looking for a solution to get rid of your back pain caused by a sport or a desk job?

I will teach you to move better and we will find a way towards a painless life.

What can I offer?

During a session we will work on your needs. With acute problem I focus on a fast diagnostics and using manual techniques to help relieve your pain and doing couple exercices. During first session we will set up goals and make a plan how we will reach those goals if you are looking for a long term cooperation.

A typical session consists of manual techniques and exercises. Most of the exercices are based on a developmental kinesiology, joint centration and combining strength training, yoga and other approaches.

Helping your recovery after training using manual techniques, massage or physical modalities. We will use a rockblades, a massage gun, a cupping, an assisted stretching or a manual muscle release to help you recover faster.

I offer kinesiology taping or athletic taping. Athletic taping has lost some fame in Czechia, but it is great for injury prevention or in late phase of treating injuries. It is mainly used to stabilize joints and unload soft tissue. On the other hand the kinesiology taping is popular nowadays and is a very helpful in treating pain syndroms. We have a great success with it in shoulder, back or muscle pain.

I can make a seminar on a topic of your choosing. It is suitable for companies, coaches, sport clubs or teams to deepen your, your employees' or your athletes' knowledge. Favorite topics are: How to warm up, What to do after a practice, How to properly stretch, How to move better, What to do for painless back etc.

Naturally it is welcomed to choose a specialized topic to get an opinion of a physical therapist.

I offer a physical therapy service or athletic training before, during and after a game for an individual athlete or a team. Before game I can provide an activation massage, treating current problems or athletic/kinesiology taping. During and after game I treat injuries and help athletes to get back in the game if it is possible or prepare them for their travel home or a hospital.

I also provide my physical therapy or athletic training services at training camps or practices for an individual athlete or a team. I will be available during whole camp or practice.

Please contact me if you are not sure I can help you. We can figure out a solution for you based on your needs and my capacity to help you.